Ubuntu – How to burn the Ubuntu ISO to a CD


How do I burn the latest 12.10 790 MB ISO to a CD?

My burning software says insert a disk but 700 MB CD's are too small. I tried a DVD and that didn't work either.

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This was a decision made some time ago by Canonical, the corporate backers for Ubuntu.

See: OMG! Ubuntu > It’s Official: The Ubuntu LiveCD is Dead

The news came from Canonical’s Kate Stewart on the Ubuntu Mailing list, who wrote:

There is no longer a traditional CD sized image, DVD or alternate image, but >> rather a single 800MB Ubuntu image that can be used from USB or DVD.

I stopped burning a CD (or DVD) for ISO files about 2 years ago.

A cheap 2GB Flash USB drive is 3-4 times faster for installs, and can be repeatedly reused (for later releases).

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