Ubuntu – How to burn an ISO file to a blank disk


I have downloaded the Ubuntu 10.10 ISO file and am trying to burn it to a blank disc so that I can install it, using Ubuntu 8.04. I have a dual boot system with Windows and Ubuntu.

Here's my experience so far:

  1. Boot up my current install of Hardy Heron
  2. Go to install updates. Click on Check and informed that 8.10 is available. Firstly install any other updates.
  3. Click on Upgrage, get error 'Could not find release notes'
  4. Manually download entire 10.10 image from the internet
  5. Attempt to burn to disc using Brasero.
  6. Burn fails
  7. Can no longer mount any discs
  8. Restart
  9. Can no longer mount any blank discs, but can mount audio discs
  10. Restart, now I can mount blank disks
  11. Right click on .iso image and choose "Open with CD/DVD creator"
  12. Attempt to burn image to disk
  13. Wait 20 minutes while disc is apparently burning, for some reason when it is finished it is still blank
  14. Attempt to burn again with Brasero, burn completes. Asks me to reenter disk for checksum. Checksum check freezes after 10 minutes. I attempt to eject disk and it tells me 100% success.
  15. After restarting from newly burned CD it shows me a screen with Ubuntu and 5 dots, it stays like that for 10 minutes and then eventually I get an error cannot mount disk.

Best Answer

Edit - Re brasero failed:

I don't know why it is not working, but the version of Ubuntu you are currently using is very old and no longer supported so don't take this experience as representative of the present.

You state that you have Windows installed, so you could try to burn the image using your Windows installation:

  • Download and install Infra Recorder, a free and open-source image-burning program.
  • Insert a blank CD in the drive and select Do nothing or Cancel if an autorun dialog box pops up.
  • Open Infra Recorder and click the 'Write Image' button in the main screen.
  • Alternatively you can select the 'Actions' menu, then 'Burn image'.
  • Select the Ubuntu CD image file you want to use, then click 'Open'.
  • In the dialog box, click 'OK'.

Infra Recorder

You should be able to just right click on the disk image and click 'Write to Disc...'. I don't know if that option was available in 8.04.

If not, use Brasero. Make sure the brasero package is installed (you can install it using Synaptic).

Open Brasero from the Applications->Sound and Video menu and choose 'Burn image'.


You should then be able to select the image file and chose a disc to burn it to:

burn disc

For more instructions check out step 2 of this page and click the 'Show me how' button, selecting which platform you want to use to burn the disc.

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