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I have Windows 8 Release Customer Preview on my laptop. I tried to install Ubuntu on it with Ubuntu Windows installer (I have always used this to install, although that was on Windows 7), it installs and asks to reboot, then immediately Windows 8 boots up.

I do not have the option to choose what OS to boot. How can I boot to Ubuntu? VM is not exactly what I would like to use, but it is an option, however a last resort. Any help?

Best Answer

Windows 8 uses a graphical bootloader different to that used in Windows 7 or Vista.

The answer here points out that the wubi maintainers have disabled it on the 12.04 CDs for various reasons, one of which is:

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  4. Most significantly, Windows is changing it's boot system with Windows 8, and it's not clear how wubi will work with Windows 8, if at all.

So basically, Windows 8 is too new for the Windows Installer to deal with.

You will probably need to edit the Windows 8 bootloader menu. EasyBCD claims to work for Windows 8 but I haven't tried it.

Wubi also loses a lot of functionality you could get with a regular install if you partitioned correctly.

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