Ubuntu – How to boot HP Pavilion g6 to display GRUB2.00 rather than opening Windows8 by default

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With a lot of help from Ask Ubuntu, I have successfully installed 12.10 onto an HP Pavilion g6 2240sa notebook to create a dual boot machine which also has Win8. This could only be achieved by a full BIOS/GRUB installation (not WUBI). If I press Esc on boot up I can get into BIOS, access GRUB2.00 and select Ubuntu. If I do not access BIOS on start up the machine runs straight through to WIN8 making Ubuntu inaccessible. I want to switch the machine on and have it boot through to a menu offering Ubuntu 12.10 as first choice without forcing Win8 on me. How do I do this? I had one idea – to install the Ubuntu Boot assistant from the Installation DVD in the Windows environment – but I'm afraid to mess things up by installing this software after having installed Ubuntu. How can I ensure that I boot to an OS option menu (default preference Ubuntu – of course!) when I switch the machine on? Here are my installation details

Best Answer

I have succeeded in booting to GRUB2.00 with Ubuntu by first default option but with Win8 as an option.

I tried the 'Ubuntu Boot Assistant' as postulated in the question - but it did not work.

The solution is:

  • Open Ubuntu

  • Download and install a program called Boot-Repair

  • Run the 'Recommended Repair' option

    Boot-Repair cannot be accessed from Ubuntu's Software Center :-(

For full instructions on how to download and install the software see here. I used the Terminal option and it worked just fine.

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