Ubuntu – How to automatically stay updated with the latest mainline kernel


Ubuntu manages a list of mainline kernels. If I wish to stay updated on a specific major revision (3.12.x), how can I automate this? And how do I stop Software Updater from suggesting 3.11.x kernels when searching for new updates.

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Found a GitHub repository that does this: https://github.com/GM-Script-Writer-62850/Ubuntu-Mainline-Kernel-Updater

  1. If you haven't used git before: sudo apt-get install git
  2. git clone https://github.com/GM-Script-Writer-62850/Ubuntu-Mainline-Kernel-Updater.git
  3. cd Ubuntu-Mainline-Kernel-Updater
  4. chmod +x install
  5. ./install

Skimmed through the source, looks like it should work as advertised. Checks for updates 60 seconds after each startup. Will update here if I encounter any problems during next minor revision update.


Enter KernelUpdateChecker -h at a terminal to see all available options.

I'm on 13.10 and would like to stay updated on 14.04's kernel versions 3.12.x (excluding release candidates), so I edited ~/.config/autostart/KernelUpdate.desktop line 7 to read:

Exec=sh -c 'sleep 60;KernelUpdateChecker -no-rc -r trusty -v 3.12'

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