Ubuntu – How to automatically mount a folder and change ownership from root in virtualbox


It is my first time using virtualbox and ubuntu (14.04), I am on a host Windows 7 OS.

I am trying to mount a shared folder that has files I need to access both in the virtualbox and on the windows OS. I have successfully mounted them using the vboxsf from the Guest Additions installed.

To mount I used the command sudo mount -t vboxsf <dir name in vbox> <directory in linux for example I used sudo mount -t vboxsf Test /home/user/Test

I found several ways of mounting the directories automatically upon startup using for example the /etc/rc.local method (here) where you modify said file appending the command to it (without sudo). Or by using the fstab method (here). I prefer the rc.local method personally.

Once mounted it has permissions dr-xr-xr-x however once mounted the directory is of root ownership and chown user /home/user/Test has no effect. This means I cannot make or change files in it as a normal user.

In the VirtualBox the directory to be shared is not set as read-only.

Is there a way to automatically mount the shared folder and assign ownership to my non root user?

Best Answer

If you have the guest additions installed, use the VirtualBox menu:

Devices > Shared Folders...

Add the path, name and enable "Auto-mount" and "Make permanent" options.

Finally add your user to the group with:

sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a myusername

Logout and back again or reboot the machine to complete the process (thanks @Fo).

Groups are stored in /etc/group, according to the usermod man page.