Ubuntu – How to automatically install updates by a desktop user


I want to set Ubuntu/Lubuntu [10.04] to automatically install security updates for a normal desktop user (user has no root privileges).

If I set Ubuntu/Lubuntu [10.04] to Automatically Install Updates in the background will it still install the security updates if the user logged in is not apart of the administrator group?

Best Answer

Create a file of name, say, local.pkla, in the directory /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d, whose content should be

[Update Manager]

The text between square brackets is simply a comment, and you should substitute enzotib with the real username you want to give the ability to use update-manager without password.

To see possible Actions, run pkaction.

Reference: pklocalauthority manual page.
See also manual pages of pkaction, pkcheck, pkexec, polkit, polkitd.

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