Ubuntu – How to autohide the Launcher


In Unity there is a Launcher on the left. One can easily change settings so that it hides automatically and appears only if the mouse cursor hits the left border of the screen (this is what I did).

Today, I pressed some button accidentally and the panel appears again and stays there. The main problem is that it covers the left parts of all my applications (for example terminal, so I cannot type in my terminal if it is maximized).

I tried to change the behavior in System Settings (the same window where I changed the background of the screen, but it has no effect).

Best Answer

Which OS version you are using, here answer in reference for 12.04 which I am using,

  1. click on setting icon on right-upper corner of screen
  2. Select System setting,
  3. Select Appearance Icon
  4. Select Behavior tab, under behavior tab SWITCH-OFF the Autohide Launcher option

For More reference see How can I configure Unity's launcher auto-hide behavior?