Nautilus Shortcut Keys – How to Assign Keyboard Shortcuts for Nautilus Scripts


I've setup a Nautilus Script. I've put the script in /home/sumeet/.local/share/nautilus/scripts and it does appear in right click menu. and also works as expected. I just want to assign a shortcut to the script.

How can I create keyboard shortcuts for my nautilus scripts?

Answers given in the question above target a specific release and are completely outdated, and I couldn't find anything other than this question concerning this topic.

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How it can be done

When you right- click a file or folder for a nautilus script, the selected file is passed as an argument to the script. In most cases by something like:

import os
subject = os.getenv("NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_CURRENT_URI")

...using python3, in its simplest form.

If you replace this by:

import pyperclip["xdotool", "key", "Control_L+c"])
subject = pyperclip.paste()

...the currently selected file is used inside the script as an argument

What you need

To use this solution (16.04 and up), you need to install both xdotooland python3-pyperclip:

sudo apt-get install python3-pyperclip xdotool

The complete script, mentioned in comments

then becomes:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import subprocess
import os
import sys
import pyperclip

# --- set the list of valid extensions below (lowercase)
# --- use quotes, *don't* include the dot!
ext = ["jpg", "jpeg", "png", "gif", "icns", "ico"]
# --- set the list of preferred filenames
# --- use quotes
specs = ["folder.png", "cover.png", "monkey.png"]
# ---

# retrieve the path of the targeted folder["xdotool", "key", "Control_L+c"])
dr = pyperclip.paste()

for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dr):
    for directory in dirs:
        folder = os.path.join(root, directory)
        fls = os.listdir(folder)
            first = [p for p in fls if p in specs]
            first = first[0] if first else min(
                p for p in fls if p.split(".")[-1].lower() in ext
        except ValueError:
                "gvfs-set-attribute", "-t", "string",
                os.path.abspath(folder), "metadata::custom-icon",
                "file://"+os.path.abspath(os.path.join(folder, first))

Adding this to a shortcut key will set the icons for all directories inside the selected one.

Adding it to a shortcut key (!)

Adding shortcut keys, running (scripts using-) xdotool commands to press another key combination can be tricky. To prevent both key combinations to interfere with each other, use:

/bin/bash -c "sleep 1 && python3 /path/to/"


When Ctrl+C is pressed while a file is selected, the path to the file is copied to the clipboard. We are simulating the key press with:["xdotool", "key", "Control_L+c"])

python's pyperclip module simply produces the path, stripped from file:// when using pyperclip.paste() (this will not literally paste, but make the path available inside the script).

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