Ubuntu – How to assign custom icons to folders


How do I assign custom icons to folders, as well as the default folders Desktop, Downloads, Music, etc.? I know that one way is to assign the properties of folders, but I want to assign icons in the same way that are assigned the default folders, so the custom icons will also appear in the Nautilus bookmarks. I've also seen this question >> custom icon in "Places" menu <<, but that is not what I seek.

I want the markers to display custom icons like the dolphin. I know it's possible, because the folder "Desktop", "Documents", "Music" have their own custom icons in bookmarks. How?

Best Answer

Custom icon selection

In the file manager (nautilus):

  1. right click a folder's icon
  2. click on properties in the contextual menu
  3. in the properties window click on the framed icon (top left)

    • that should open the dialog to choose a new icon
  4. Pick an icon from /usr/share/icons

the default folder icons are in the Humanity sub-folder.

Custom icon backup & restore

The informations seems to be saved by nautilus in ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata.

Note that the directory contains lots of other data (emblems and more). As far as I know they are in binary format so I wasn't really able to pinpoint what's really needed in a backup. Still file path of the icons shuld remain exactly the same between backup and restore for this to work

Resource: Ubuntu Forum thread