Ubuntu – How to assign a string as a keyboard shortcut?


I'd like to assign a frequently used string to a shortcut key, so when I press it, it types it in whatever application I'm in. So for example, when I type ShiftF12, it types "This is wonderful!" in whatever Gnome app I'm in at that time.

Best Answer

I found the answer - autokey. This lets you set up shortcuts that can be triggered either by a hot key, or simply typing an abbreviation. I've already added automatic replacement for the common mispellings I make, like replacing "hte" with "the".

You can install autokey with with synaptic package manager, for either KDE or GNOME. For Ubuntu 14.04 and newer, the package is autokey-gtk.

I'm a long time Ubuntu user, and I'm kicking myself for missing out on this awesome little app until now.

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