Ubuntu – How to always show some hidden files in Nautilus


I know all the files with dot in front of their names are hidden. Nautilus have an option to hide some specific files without dot in their name – by listing their names in .hidden text file, so these files will be hidden too, even if they don't start with dot.

I'm looking for something similar to show only specific hidden files (with dot) by default. Something like a .shown file – a list of files to show by default, even if they have a dot in front of their names. I tried to create a .shown file, but it doesn't work. Is such an option implemented yet? If not, is there any workaround (without forking Nautilus) or Nautilus extension with that option?

Best Answer

Perhaps you can use something like nautilus-hide?

sudo apt-get install nautilus-hide
nautilus -q

Project page: https://github.com/brunonova/nautilus-hide

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