Ubuntu – How to add Bengali support


How to type Bengali using Ubuntu 12.04. I had installed IBus but unable to find the list of languages from the drop down list when I try to add Bengali through input method.

Best Answer

For Bengali you can use avro phonetic.

Method 1

Using ibus as input method, you can try with avro m17n package.It works like charm. You can download from here . While installing you might get packaging warning. Ignore that.

  • Download the latest dev file, install it.(Read the instruction in README and Install.txt)
  • Install ibus-m17n from software center.
  • Switch input method to ibus and configure ibus like this. You can also install hindi from here. (I never tried)
  • Log out and login. Use ctrl + space to switch input methods. To change keyboard shortcut, use General tab of the shown picture.

Configure input methods

Add ibus in start up

Courtesy - https://askubuntu.com/a/135566/35775

  • Open startup applications from the power cog
  • Add ibus-daemon

Method 2

Traditionally avro is instructed to setup with scim input method. But it doesn't work well in latest ubuntu version (>= 11.10). A ppa package is available (tutorial here) also or can compile for source.

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