Ubuntu – How to add application to startup application menu


I tried add some applications to add startup menu. But they didn't started with computer. Please Anybody help me to do that. I used only GUI method to add apllications to menu in ubuntu 12.04.Somebody please help me to do that correctly. Forget about my bad English.

Best Answer

First you need to know the command of the application you want to start or the location of its binary. The command of the application is usually its name. For example, if you type firefox into a terminal it will start Firefox.

To make Firefox start on startup, open "Startup Applications" from the dash. Click 'Add' then fill out the 'Command' field with the command for the application, in this case firefox. Or, if you know the location of the executable file, click "Browse..." and navigate to the file. The 'Name' and 'Comment' fields are optional.

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