Ubuntu – How safe is it to use the “ubuntu+1”


How safe is it to have a system like that – always on "ubuntu+1" (or Debian sid, for that matter)?

Best Answer

If you do not care about being unable to boot to desktop, if you aren't afraid of being forced to manually fix the X server, if you do not have any data you cannot easily restore in case it was totally erased, if you feel adventurous enough to be affected by tons of bugs still present in Quantal, if you can stand serious crashes from time to time, then do upgrade to ubuntu+1.

(well, seriously, some people, including me, enjoy the above.)

If you want to contribute and write some code to help working on, for example, Unity, then do upgrade.

Remember - alpha and beta software is by its nature will contain bugs. Only upgrade if you are content with helping out finding and reporting bugs.

Also remember that downgrading back to a stable release isn't trivial:

Otherwise stick with the official release schedule and install when the stable release is available.