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I really like Ubuntu desktop.

My company has some computers. I'm thinking on install Ubuntu on our computers. So, I need to know how much the operative system cost? If not, how much is the cost for future system maintenance?

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Ok, first of all Ubuntu is free (as freedom) and by now free (as beer). From the business page:

No hidden costs, no lock-in

Looking to escape the cycle of endless Windows upgrades? Now, there's a real alternative. No licence fees and no licence tracking overhead. With Ubuntu, you can scale your desktop infrastructure while keeping your cost down. You only pay for the level of support you need.

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What this means, that the support should be supplied by yourself and the community around Ubuntu. Of course, if you have a emergency, don't expect fast response of the community, as we (the community) are all volunteers and not paid employee. That said, Canonical offers paid support for enterprises:

Buy professional support services

Canonical’s support engineers understand how important your IT systems are. Support with our systems management tool Landscape, is available to suit all levels of demand.

If this is what you are asking about then be my guest into contacting Canonical Ltd.

This site is not managed by Canonical Ltd. in any manner as you can read in our meta question:

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That said, I hope you can get a idea where is what you are looking for.