Ubuntu – How install the latest FileZilla from its official site


How can I install the latest FileZilla from its official site?

I can find FileZilla from my software centre and install it. But it is version 3.24.0. While the latest is 3.25.2.

Can I upgrade the version 3.24.0 that I have already installed to 3.25.2?

I always wonder how to install from its official site, but it is not a .deb. It looks like the source files of FileZilla that you need to compile or build. But how can I do it?

Any ideas?

This is from the site but it is just not very helpful to me:

Installing on GNU/Linux and other Unix(-like) systems

It is recommended that you use the package manager of your
distribution. If you're using GNU/Linux, you can also try using the
precompiled binaries. After extracting the files to any location
(location does not matter, FileZilla can detect its own installation
prefix), you can start the program using the filezilla executable in
the bin/ subdirectory. Please note that due to differences in
distributions, the provided binaries might not work on your system.
Alternatively you can also compile FileZilla from source.

Best Answer

If Filezilla is only for your own use, then create a bin directory in your /home folder, drop the extracted Filezilla folder into ~/bin, and ~/bin is already in your path, so you should be able to run Filezilla from the command line.

Structure like so:

  /your_username (your home directory)
    /bin (folder)
    symlink to Filezilla/bin/filezilla (symlink)
       /Filezilla (folder)
         /bin (folder)
           filezilla (executable file)

You don't have to deinstall the older version, but it's a good idea.

To run from the command line, if you've created the structure, and the symlink correctly, you should just be able to type Filezilla.