Ubuntu – How does Ubuntu 18.04 “support emojis”


What does it mean Ubuntu 18.04 will "support colored emojis"?

Best Answer

I guess you are quoting this OMG Ubuntu article.

Ubuntu (18.04) "supports colored emojis" means you'll be able to see system-wide coloured emojis out-of-the box, not just in some specific applications.

Currently in Ubuntu 17.10 or older versions you get to see coloured emojis without any extra modifications in for example, Firefox:

enter image description here

But the same emojis may render as simple monochromatic line drawings in other applications, e.g. gEdit:

enter image description here

Even though GNOME 3.26 (default in Ubuntu 17.10) supports coloured emojis, it's actually a missing feature in Ubuntu 17.10 as some necessary packages, which are fontconfig v2.12.5, cairo v1.15.7, and a font that supports coloured emojis are missing (source).

This will be fixed in Ubuntu 18.04 and you'll be able to see coloured emojis everywhere out-of-the-box, as well as having a nice system picker application for choosing them.