How to Remove a Certificate Authority’s Certificate from a System


The ca-certificates package was just updated, and it caused the following changes on my Xubuntu 13.10 system:

Running hooks in /etc/ca-certificates/update.d....
Adding debian:CA_Disig_Root_R1.pem
Adding debian:CA_Disig_Root_R2.pem
Adding debian:China_Internet_Network_Information_Center_EV_Certificates_Root.pem
Adding debian:D-TRUST_Root_Class_3_CA_2_2009.pem
Adding debian:D-TRUST_Root_Class_3_CA_2_EV_2009.pem
Adding debian:PSCProcert.pem
Adding debian:StartCom_Certification_Authority_2.pem
Adding debian:Swisscom_Root_CA_2.pem
Adding debian:Swisscom_Root_EV_CA_2.pem
Adding debian:TURKTRUST_Certificate_Services_Provider_Root_2007.pem
Adding debian:Verisign_Class_3_Public_Primary_Certification_Authority_2.pem
Removing debian:cacert.org_class3.pem
Removing debian:cacert.org_root.pem
Removing debian:Equifax_Secure_eBusiness_CA_2.pem
Removing debian:TC_TrustCenter_Universal_CA_III.pem

I've decided I don't trust some of these CAs, and I would like to remove their certificates. How do I do that?

Best Answer


sudo dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates

That should give you a list where you can deselect CAs.

The list of CAs is stored in the file /etc/ca-certificates.conf. If you edit this file manually you need to run

sudo update-ca-certificates

to update the actual certificates in /etc/ssl/certs/ (if you use dpkg-reconfigure that is done automatically).

See /usr/share/doc/ca-certificates/README.Debian for more information.