System Monitoring – Get System Load Indicator Working in Ubuntu 17.10


After upgrading to 17.10, my System Load Indicator (indicator-multiload) applet turned into a tiny little box where it's no longer possible to see the different live graphs.

As per How To Use Indicator Applets on GNOME Shell, I tried enabling KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support via the switch on that page, but then the widget turns into ERROR, and nothing else happens.

Is there a Gnome version of this application we should be using instead? If not, would it be possible to get System Load Indicator working again somehow?

Best Answer

This is a bug, and it's been already reported to developers of the app:

You can upvote it if you wish, to let the developers know that it does matter for you -- maybe it'll somehow speed them up in releasing the fix?

  1. Report that it affects you -- this will add 4 points of "bug heat" ("hotness").
  2. Subscribe to bug's notifications -- it'll add 2 points.

(It currently has 48 points.)

But in comments in the very bug I found that there is already a not bad extension for gnome with the same features:

So there's probably no need at all to fix this bug, if one can simply use existing extension?

Its installation is a little bit tricky, but there are instructions there, I simply followed them and right now I've managed to successfully install it.

Try it yourself!

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