Ubuntu – How to install less css command line compiler


From my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong, I have to get ruby or NPM installed to get the less css compiler working.

I don't have any ruby installed and I'm not really sure how to get my computer to that point. I also want to minimize my footprint; installing the minimal amount of ruby libraries if possible (because i will never use ruby except for when i run less).

What are the steps involved in getting less working and running?

Before you down vote, I know there was this previous thread (Less CCS compiler install).

This particular person already has some other packages installed. I'm trying to figure out all the packages needed to get to that point.

Or if someone could point me to the right documentation I would be thrilled!

Best Answer

I'm not entirely sure if by compiler you want something that will automatically compile your less files on the fly or on the server. Because otherwise you can

$ sudo apt-get install node-less yui-compressor

(On Ubuntu 12.04, the node-less package is called node-less.)

and then,

$ lessc example.less > compiled_example.css
$ yui-compressor -o small_and_compiled_example.css compiled_example.css