Ubuntu – How to create a bootable USB stick using windows 7


I've downloaded Ubuntu desktop (the .iso file that is) on a windows 7 machine and want to create a bootable USB stick in order to install it onto a laptop which currently has no OS. Is there a way to do this?

Best Answer

This is just to mention that Canonical now recommends the Rufus USB Installer. (I haven't used it myself.)

Instructions (copied from the Canonical instructions):

  1. Open Rufus and select your USB stick in the 'Device' dropdown
  2. Click the CD Rom icon next to the 'FreeDOS' dropdown, then find your downloaded Ubuntu ISO and click 'Open'
  3. Click 'Yes' when it asks to download Syslinux software
  4. Click 'OK' to write in ISO Image mode
  5. Confirm that your USB stick is selected and then 'OK' to continue
  6. When it is finished, just restart your computer and start using Ubuntu, or you can install Ubuntu