Ubuntu – How do we install Unity-2D and dependencies offline


We have installed 11.04 32-bit on an old machine that has no internet connection and with a graphics card that is not suitable for running Compiz or Unity. Still, we would like to run Unity-2D on this machine.

We are aware of answers to this Question. Sadly Keryx will not run on 11.04 32-bit because of unmet dependencies. Building an offline repository is not an option because of limited storage capacity.

Is there any convenient other way to find, download, install, and eventually update unity-2 and all dependencies (preferably from an OS independent download path)?

Best Answer

Well I am using 11.04 and keryx after you pointed me to the link. Thanks by the way. Did a bit googling and found keryx ppa which is for lucid. Basically installed debian package presented there. It's running on 11.04 so may be you could try that.

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