Ubuntu – How to you unhold (remove a hold on) a package


I used synaptic to lock the version of pidgin-data – how can I change the status from hold back to normal, so that it gets upgraded properly?

The PinningHowto says that doing an apt-get install packagename should remove the hold, but running dpkg -l | grep ^h still shows it as held:

hi  pidgin-data                                                 1:2.10.6-0ubuntu1+pidgin1.12.04                            multi-protocol instant messaging client - data files

How can I properly undo the hold status?

Best Answer

You can use sudo apt-mark unhold package_name. The package is unheld and it returns a confirmation: Canceled hold on package_name..

To unhold all held packages you can use sudo apt-mark unhold $(apt-mark showhold).

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