How to Extract Multiple Gzip Files in Directory and Subdirectories


I have tried both gzip and gunzip commands but I get either

gunzip *.gz 
gzip: invalid option -- 'Y' 

gunzip -S-1800-01-01-000000-g01.h5.gz  
gzip: compressed data not read
 from a terminal. Use -f to force decompression. For help, type: gzip -h

If I try the -f option it takes a very long time to work on one single file and the command is not executed successfully. Am I missing something?

Best Answer

You can use below command.

Go to the directory where your .gz file is and run command:

for f in *.gz ; do gunzip -c "$f" > /home/$USER/"${f%.*}" ; done

It will extract all file with original name and store it to current user home directory(/home/username). You can change it to somewhere else.


gunzip *.gz

This command also will work. But, by default, it replaces original file.

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