Ubuntu – Headphones not detected if plugged in before boot Ubuntu 18.04


So my problem is basically in the title. If my headphones are plugged in before I boot (I'm using Dell XPS 15 9560, Ubuntu 18.04), they aren't detected. I've gotta unplug them and plug them back in for them to be recognized.

I saw the question regarding Ubuntu 16.04 and tried that solution, but it didn't work for me. I also didn't find anything regarding this issue of the sound troubleshooting page at help.ubuntu.

What should I do? Thanks 🙂

Best Answer

I just faced a similar problem.

I also have an HDMI monitor plugged in, so PulseAudio chose it instead of the headphones. After unplugging and plugging the headphone in the audio jack, I can only guess it gave priority back to the headphone and set it as the default.

So the issue for me is that PulseAudio is setting up the wrong profile by default due to my HDMI monitor being present. The headphones are still being detected, just not being used due to the wrong profile.

Solution: Remove any configuration files auto-generated at ~/.config/pulse

rm -r ~/.config/pulse

Then restart pulseaudio

pulseaudio --kill && pulseaudio --start

If you open pavucontrol, it should be correctly set to a profile matching the headphones.

For example:


Then go to the Devices tab and check if Headphones (plugged in) is selected as the default device.