Ubuntu – HDMI is not displayed in the “Sound” settings on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


I need some assistance, I have 2 laptops, a Toshiba and a DELL XPS M1330, the problem is using my DELL laptop, when I use the HDMI cable to use the TV as monitor the display works fine however the sound only work in the laptop speakers I can't use the TV speakers.

When I go to "Sound" settings to select the HDMI in the "Play sound through", I can't select the HDMI because it never show up. I can only see, "headphones and speakers".

So as a summary the, display works but the sound it doesn't in the TV. Any ideas?

Best Answer

I follow the below workaround whenever I connect laptop to a TV:

  1. Connect HDMI cable to TV and switch on the TV.
  2. Run the below command on a console (It worked without sudo)

    pulseaudio -k
  3. Open Sound settings, you should see "HDMI/Display Port" entry under Output tab.

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