Ubuntu – Has anyone tried the Lenovo USB 3.0 Dock on Ubuntu


I'm thinking on buying the Lenovo USB 3.0 Dock and use it with Ubuntu and Unity, but I haven't found information regarding if Ubuntu already has built-in drivers for it.

The link to this product is this one:


So, I'd just like to know if its a good idea getting it or I'd better not because I might have a difficult time trying to set it up.


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Edit August 2015

There is a beta driver now to support USB3 docks. See the linked forum for details.

Edit January 2016 Out of the box working:

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The video of the dock is not supported under Linux, and will not be for a longer time. The dock uses a DL3XXX-generation Displaylink chip for video, driver support for this does not exist and is not planned by the producer in the near future.

I repeat: although Displaylink claims to support Linux in their FAQ, the latest generation does NOT support Linux


But the NIC and usb ports work out of the box, so if you want an expensive usb-hub/NIC, go ahead.

USB2-based docks with displayport should be supported, though.