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I see that Xubuntu has package Gnome-menus, but I cannot find the command to run the editor it should contain. I found a small editor but it does not allow new entries and alacarte tries to install whole Gnome…

So I'm looking for a menu editor that will allow me to:

  • Add new launchers,
  • Edit existing ones
  • Move existing ones to different categories
  • Create new categories
  • Won't install bazillion dependencies 🙂

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(and works for all versions since 11.04)

The use of alacarte in the current version of xubuntu is perhaps not a good choice because of its perceived gnome dependencies - it is actually packaged wrongly, but that's a different story.

Xubuntu / Lubuntu Menu editor

You could try the following java based menu editor which works for both Xubuntu and Lubuntu: enter image description here

To install, download and extract into your Downloads folder

Then open your terminal:

if you havent already installed java

sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

followed by

cd ~/Downloads/lxmed
chmod +x install.sh

If the folder /opt does not exist then

sudo mkdir /opt


sudo ./install.sh

You launch the menu editor by Start - Settings - Main Menu Editor

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