Ubuntu – Grub-pc installing error


Trying to fix my apt-get upgrade, it always stopped at setting up grub-pc… I read somewhere that I should purge remove my grub2 and then reinstall it.

I did that and after lots of paying around i was able to remove it(wasn't such a smart move). Now i can't get it to install again.

I am trying sudo apt-get install grub-pc and it just stops at "Setting up grub-pc.." and does nothing and because of this it isn't allowing me to do any kind of upgrade or install.. It asks me to sudo dpkg –configure -a which again stops at setting up grub-pc

I think I need help and real soon. Thanks, I really appreciate any inputs here to get my system in place before the next reboot.

Best Answer

do you have SuperGrubDisk (http://www.supergrubdisk.org/)? This could help troubleshout. If it's more aptitude-related, have you tried stuff like apt-get update or apt-get clean?