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I'd Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit installed via wubi on windows 7 64 bit. The installation was a success. I'd either access Ubuntu, or windows 7 on the boot option of my computer. i made use of both OS for months until when i'd only access windows 7. whenever i click/select the Ubuntu tab, it goes straight to GRUB. Displaying;

GRUB Version 1.98+20100804-5
Minimal BASH-like line editing……..

I'm a rookie at this.
Please help!

Best Answer

The most likely cause of ending up at a grub prompt, is that the Wubi virtual disk has been corrupted i.e. the file C:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk (it may also be on a 'drive' other than C:) This can occur from performing hard shutdowns on your computer or power failures.

You should first run chkdsk on the drive that contains your Wubi install. Then you will need to confirm that the root.disk is still present or recover it from the \FOUND.000 directory that chkdsk recovers to.

Refer to this for specific instructions: http://ubuntu-with-wubi.blogspot.com/2011/08/missing-rootdisk.html

To avoid problems like this, avoid hard shutdowns - even if your Ubuntu install is hanging, try Alt+SysRq R-E-I-S-U-B to reboot safely.

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