Ubuntu – Graphics drivers for ATI Radeon 5450


I've been googling everywhere I could think of for the past three days now and I finally just made an account here to ask my question. I'm a total Ubuntu n00b, I'm converting from Windows (which I know pretty much inside and out).

I tried to install the fglrx Proprietary Catalyst 12.6 drivers on my system (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit) but every time I do I eventually end up with an unfixable boot error and have to reinstall Ubuntu. I've reinstalled 3 times already. The reason I want the drivers is because I have two monitors, and they only work in mirrored mode without the proprietary drivers for me.

I got them to work once without, but my larger monitor only ran in 1024×768. Is there some way to install the drivers that will make them not be so finicky? I heard there were also open source drivers as well? How do you install those?


Best Answer

I am a user of a very similar card, with a fully functioning Ubuntu set up with Catalyst aka fglrx.

You want Catalyst 12.9 out of the repositories i.e. what Ubuntu suggests in the Software Sources part of the Software Center. Don't go for earlier versions and don't go for more recent versions. You will also want to install linux-headers-generic.

If you look here, you should see a more long winded version in an answer to another question. That is how I did it - after numerous failed attempts - although there may be superfluous steps.