Ubuntu – GParted merge unallocated space to ext4 partition


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Here I want to merge unallocated space to ext4 partition. But during running in Ubuntu it is not allowed. Am I right? It has key picture. I must do that Ubuntu DVD booting from it and selecting try Ubuntu there with GParted, I must merge this unallocated part by right clicking on ext4 partition and then selecting shrink. Am I right?

Then for swap area I want to take 5GB from extended partition (which is now called D on Windows). Can I format this partition in Windows or should I use GParted? But in GParted it has key picture. Or in the same way should I do this during trying Ubuntu to merge unallocated space to ext4? Thank you for your answers.

Best Answer

The steps:

  1. Start GParted in live Ubuntu session,

  2. Unmount (if it's mounted) the partition that will be involved in the resize/move operation, here /dev/sda2 (by right clicking and selecting unmount from the context menu),

  3. Now right click your /dev/sda2 partition and select Resize/Move option, and drag the slider right to cover the entire unallocated space. And then click the Resize/Move button, snap1

  4. After specifying the resize options, from the menu select Edit -> Apply All Operations or click the Apply button in the toolbar. Wait patiently for the operation to complete.

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