Ubuntu – Gparted can’t resize Ubuntu partition


I installed Ubuntu with Windows. Before installing, I shrunk the space for Ubuntu. Now I have 3.7GB free in my Ubuntu home.That's not enough for me.

So I shrunk my NTFS partition, it's now unalocated. Then I selected ext4 (Ubuntu home) to resize.

But it is 4GB and GParted not allowed to resize more than 4GB. But my 1GB is unallocated.

GParted screenshot

Best Answer

/dev/sda5 is a logical partition inside an extended partition (/dev/sda4), while the unallocated space lies outside of that extended partition.

You need to resize /dev/sda4 to include the unallocated space first, then resize /dev/sda8.

Unfortunately GParted won’t let you touch /dev/sda4 (note the key symbol), because some of its child partitions are still mounted (more key symbols) and you can’t unmount the root file system on /dev/sda7. To circumvent this issue, you need to perform the above procedure from a live system (analogous to How do I resize root partition?).

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