Gnome-Terminal – Got 2,919 PB/s in Ubuntu Terminal


I have problem (seems to be trivia) about Ubuntu Terminal. Once my network connection slow down then it (sometimes but very rare to happened) showed some information like this.

enter image description here

I shocked because I have been got 2,919 PB/s. Sorry my mouse block some part of letter 'P' (I actually rush to print screen) but I believe you can recognize it.


based on answer given to me, and I got similar info then, I'd like to add more clearly new image after.

enter image description here

Can someone explain it to me?

Best Regards!

Best Answer

It's probably a measuring error. The download speed is measured by dividing the amount of data downloaded by the time passed since the download was started. If you do that after only one IP packet has arrived, you can get weird results.

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