Ubuntu – Gnome Shell not showing Dropbox on top panel


Today i'am installing Gnome Shell with this commands:

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

First everything was fine, but I think there is less. A few minutes later I realized that no one Dropbox icons on gnome panel:

No dropbox icons

How do i get Dropbox icons on gnome shell ?


I already installed libappindicator1 and i can confirm Dropbox is running with ps -e | grep dropbox commands in terminal:

FirstStrike@13.10:~$ ps -e | grep dropbox
2738 ?        00:00:04 dropbox

And I aware that there Dropbox in message tray:

Message Tray


Finally i fix it with TopIcons:

Dropbox icons at top panel

But when i clicked on the icon, is just opened Dropbox folder not appear drop down menu like in Unity.

Best Answer

After installing libappindicator1 from the repositories, I had to install TopIcons and REMOVE AppIndicatorSupport to get support working.