Ubuntu – Gnome dash to dock extension minimize when you click, instead of shift+click


My system is Ubuntu gnome 16.04 release (gnome 3.18 shell).

I am using Dash to Dock extension. When i click to any minimized programs (i click dock icon) it opens its windows as we want. However when i re-click to dock icon of any actually opened windows it doesn't minimize the opened program.

When i checked this out on the dash to dock's settings, to "minimize the windows" you have to do shift+click action. This "extra shift action" useless for me and i want to change it to simply click action.

How can i add this feature to dash to dock extension?

Best Answer

In Tweak Tool > Extensions > Dash to Dock > [little gear icon settings thing] > Behaviour, you can customise what the Click and Shift+Click actions do for any icon in the dock.

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