Ubuntu – gnome classic transparent panel


Nearly 2013 and it's forced me to find new os (my current – 10.04 lts).
Testing 12.04. Unfortunately, unity is overly simple. Unity Launcher is not customizable.
I can not even move launcher to bottom.
Have tried kde, gnome-shell, unity, xfce. Stop on gnome fallback.
It's not the same as gnome 2, but similar.
Only thing i want – gnome-panel with alpha transparency and transparent(!) window list.
Tried to edit gnome-panel.css in usr/share/themes/*any_theme*/gtk-3.0/apps/ but no result.
Compiz transparency is ugly.
Found perfect theme on deviantart, but for gnome shell.
It is the last straw. If i can't customize Ubuntu as i want, I'm going to Debian 🙂
Can somebody help me with it?

Sorry for my english.

P.S. Or it can be custom background image. But there is the same issue – widgets and window list still use theme backgrounds.


Best Answer

I'm another one who liked what I had in 10.04 and was unhappy at the change. I just wanted my old setup back! Today, I have it almost the same by doing:

  1. install gnome-session-fallback. Its probably better to do this on a clean install.

  2. restart and chose gnome classic before logging in.

  3. press alt AND the windows buttons and then right click on a panel. (Don't ask my why it has to be so dang specific, it makes no sense actually) This will open the dialog.

  4. Now, you can re-size, make transparent, use a picture, anything pretty much.

I like my panels both on top and colored but fairly transparent. That is easier on the eyes.