Ubuntu – Gimp Crashing On Start


I have Ubuntu 14.04 on what used to be a Windows 7 laptop. I have no partition. Windows is absolutely gone. When I first got Ubuntu, I was thrilled to hear that I can get my beloved GIMP.

However, every time I would try to start it, it would load for a few seconds and give me that blue splatter saying it crashed, asking me if I want to relaunch or send an error report. It would always do that. I just left it alone. I REALLY need to use GIMP right now because it is my best choice for what I have to edit, and it still does not work.

Earlier today, it gave me that blue splat a couple times and relaunch obviously does not work. My cursor just loads for 10-20 seconds and nothing happens. Now, I am not even getting an error. The cursor just loads for 10-20 seconds and stops. I uninstalled GIMP and reinstalled it twice today, and no more error message. It just loads and stops.

I have no idea what to do. I need GIMP and I do not even know what the problem is. I only have this computer. I am really hoping someone can help me. If I were still getting that error report, I could tell you the details, but I am not getting anything anymore but a few seconds of loading.

Also, if you are going to walk me through the steps and know how to fix this, please dumb it down as much as possible because I am not very familiar with Ubuntu like I am with Windows. Ubuntu is just upsetting me so much lately with all this trouble it gives me.

EDIT: Well, excuse me for not giving you enough details, but I did state that I have no idea why it is doing this and I was not getting an error message. When I type "gimp" into terminal, I get:

"Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

I have reinstalled GIMP many times. I have tried from both the website and the Software Center. The current, broken version on my computer is directly from the Software Center. And before someone asks, I purged before reinstalling each time.

EDIT: I ran a memtest, and it passed with no errors.

EDIT: It opened in Guest… can someone please explain that?

Best Answer

The problem is that gimp failed to create the gimp-2.8 directory in your /home/user/ directory. Just create the hidden directory this way;

mkdir .gimp-2.8

and then start gimp