Ubuntu – Getting gnome-shell working on nvidia optimus notebook


what i need is to enable the lamest hardware acceleration to get gnome-shell or unity 3d working.

  • i know about bumblebee/ironhide/bumblebee-project. but i didn't
    understand how to use it directly with x11 server to enable the use
    of those advanced environment.
  • i don't care about what card will give me gnome-shell/unity3d working. i wonder if there is a way to use only intel (but accellerated!)
  • i really don't care about power save

i'm tired to be reverted to gnome-session-fallback or unity 2d.

please tell me if there is a way or if i will be stuck with gnome 2.* until i'll buy another laptop.

Best Answer

Yeah! I figured out how to get the hardware acceleration of the Intel graphic hd 3000 to enable unity 3d and gnome-shell.

It seems that ubuntu tries to install drivers for both intel hd 3000 and nvidia-optimus card. result? a mess. X11 server can't decide what driver to use and revert to VESA.

So the solution is really simple:

apt-get remove --purge nvidia-current nvidia-common nvidia-settings xserver-xorg-video-nv

plus remove all other display driver xserver-xorg-video-* except xserver-xorg-video-intel. reboot the computer and tadan! at least you can enjoy a little acceleration!

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