Ubuntu – Gedit and Filezilla Input Problem


I upgraded 14.04 to 14.10. I installed my apps(lamp, nodejs, filezilla, phpstorm, git etc.). I have some input problems in some apps.

In Filezilla,

  • I can't use tab and delete keys
  • Some UI problems, in filezilla tabs

In Gedit,

  • After 2-3 minute I can't write anymore. (Old keys writing sometimes) (No keyboard problem) (I think GTK or RAM problem)

Best Answer

It seems a lot of issues have been raised regarding input problems lately: ibus issue

Try going to

  1. Input Method > OK > YES: Change from ibus to none or xim.
  2. Language Support > Keyboard input method system: none

This is a workaround until a definitive fix is released.


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