Ubuntu – GDM session list borked


I must have done something especially stupid, but I observe the following behavior:

  1. When I start gdm, I see the "Warning: unable to load /etc/gdm/custom.conf: file not found" message.
  2. My GDM session list contains only to basic sessions (an empty one and an xterm one) available in /usr/share/xsessions.

My question is: what exactly have I broken and how do I bring Unity xsession config back? If it's as simple as copying a file into /usr/share/xsessions, I'd be grateful if someone posted a working unity config here, since when I launch Unity from xterm with simply unity, none of my settings are applied. Thanks!

Best Answer

Try reinstalling the gnome-session package:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-session
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