Ubuntu – Gdiskdump does not show harddrives, only partitions


I can see partitions but not even one harddisk.

How can I see my harddisks and clone them?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

Gdiskdump shows you have three HDDs: sdb, sdc, sdd.

also try gparted and parted.

To clone a drive and all partitions, including MBR or GPT:

BE CAREFUL with dd! You can easily make a mistake.

make sure its unmounted ( like when using a liveusb)

dd if=/dev/<device> of=filename.you.choose

To get a specific partition:

dd if=/dev/sdxn of=filename  where sdxn is something like sdb1 or sdc6

to restore:

dd if=your.filename of=/dev/device[partition#] ( e.g. /dev/sdb3)
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