Ubuntu – Fresh install won’t boot throwing “error: end of disk”


I have a machine which is supposed to be a media server. I have tried to install Ubuntu (both alternate and regular i386). The installation (and boot to usb drive) went on fine, but after the install I tried to load the machine and it froze.

In the case of i386 I get the error "hd0 out of disk" and am left with a grub rescue console. set gives:


Following ubuntu wiki, I replaced msdos1 with 1 which didn't work.

In the case of the alternate install, I only get a blinking cursor on the top left (I waited for about two minutes).

If I wait a really long time in the alternate version, I get:

error: no such partition  
grub rescue>

Nothing works in this mode as well. I also tried to replace (hd0,1) with (hd0,sda) or (hd0,0) but this doesn't seam to have an effect.

Install information:

  1. Single hard drive
  2. Install on a hard drive via usb thumb drive
  3. Ubuntu's default hard drive portioning and formatting (use entire hard drive)
  4. Ubuntu Natty

How can I fix this?

Best Answer

I would start with testing your hardware. It is probably not RAM but I would test that first anyway to prove it isn't a problem.

Next I would move onto the hard drive. You could try the diagnostics on the Ultimate Boot CD. There is a tool for most brands of hard drive. The other thing I would recommend is to try a different hard drive in your machine. Also changing USB cables if this is a desktop machine.

Hopefully at some point during this process you isolated the problem. If not then I think it is probably a software issue not hardware.

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