Ubuntu – Freeze after upgrading kernel to 3.13.0-66 (14.04) or 3.19.0-31 (15.04)


Dell LAtitude E6430 with CPU Intel® Core™ i5-3210M, 64 bits, no longer boots after updating 14.04 LTS system to kernel 3.13.0-66. It hangs off after completion of the password.
Back to the 3.13.0-64 kernel works, but still with a system error, pending since about the beginning of the year (beginning approximately for the kernel 3.13.0-40) and never corrected by subsequent upgrades. It seems that the system 14.04 LTS is going worse and worse on this computer. Is there a solution ?

Best Answer

Buggy versions of the Linux kernel were uploaded on October 7 to trusty-proposed and vivid-proposed. Corrected replacement packages are about to be uploaded - see bug #1503655.

  • Version 3.13.0-66.107 (trusty) will be replaced by version 3.13.0-66.108
  • Version 3.19.0-31.35 (vivid) will be replaced by version 3.19.0-31.36

The developer Luis Henriques has made the updated packages for amd64 systems available in advance; please see this bug comment.

See also this answer: Remove linux version 3.19.31

Update 2015-10-08:

The corrected packages have now replaced the buggy ones in trusty-proposed and viviv-proposed.