Free Online Ubuntu User Guide – Simple and Easy to Understand


I just recently downloaded and started using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and this is my first Linux/unix OS ever. I've been faced with a gigantic learning curve that I think would deter most people.

With that in mind, is there a free "Ubuntu for dummies" type website/article/guide somewhere?
I mean, something that would even be as simple as to describe the difference between the windows file storage tabulation (C:\Windows…etc) vs Linux tabulation (etc/default/… etc etc etc).

I am often researching things on how to improve / fix my Ubuntu and am rapidly confused because the help forums make basic assumptions about ideas like this. I don't necessarily already know where the "etc" folder is. I didn't even know what Nautilus was even though I had already been using it.
These are my problems.

Is there such a guide? One which will be simple, and easy to understand? One which will be free of charge?

Best Answer

There are many manuals on the internet, but you can begin with the following.

1.- Browse the with many wikipedia-style articles and how-to's.

enter image description here

2.- Download the book Getting started with Ubuntu.

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