Ubuntu – Formatted and lost 6 years worth of photo memories.. any way to get this back

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I usually back up before formatting and doing a re-installation of Ubuntu, it was in the process and then obviously stopped prematurely but I was thinking all my data was transferred.

After installing formatting the drive and sticking a fresh Ubuntu on there I proceed to transfer the files from my memory stick to my hard drive, some files are there but most of my 6 years worth of pictures are gone. Is there any way I can get these back? I don't know what to do, I feel absolutely crap :/

Any help would be very appreciated.

Best Answer

This answer may help you. It was for recovering data on an Android phone but I believe it would apply for hard drives as well.

From this answer, I have personally used PhotoRec. Not the easiest to use as I had to use the command line ( a couple years ago anyway), but it works.

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