Ubuntu – Forcing fullscreen across dual-monitors


I write a lot of code, and I prefer my editor window (emacs) to be 100% of all my screen space. (ideally, not even title bar, but not going for that yet…).

I usually stretch it out, but in 11.10 (Gnome), there's this really frustrating auto-maximize to a given monitor 'feature'.

I've tried forcing the size to be 2880×900 and setting the window to be non-maximizable in CCSM, but no go.

Best Answer

I found an Ubuntu forums post that indicated you will need to disable the "Grid" plugin in Compiz Configuration Settings Manager or "CCSM" You may need to install it if it is not installed.

I tested it and was able to drag Firefox across both of my 22" monitors. Hope that's the answer you were after.

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