Ubuntu – Flash player alternative for firefox


I am searching for an flash player alternative for firefox

Yes I am using chrome and I know that it has its own flash version however I am used to Firefox, and it is hard not to have videos in firefox.

So what I want is to get flash running on firefox without using adobe outdated flash plugin.

I asked this question on Firefox support community.
this is the answer I got

I tried installing Gnash and Lightspark they did not work then I tried to install the 32-bit versions of this software they did not work as well.

So does anyone knows how to get flash videos working in firefox ??

Thank you in advanced.

Best Answer

If you search for flash player alternative only because the adobe flash plugin for linux is outdated, you could install the latest version of the adobe flash player through pipelight which allows you to use its supported plugins nearly as if you use windows browser.

then you could keep the plugins up-to-date using sudo pipelight-plugin --update

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