Ubuntu – Firmware update for iPod Touch (iPhone)


I need to update firmware of my iPod Touch (iPhone) in Ubuntu and as I have jailbroken iPod Touch I need iTunes to install apps, but unfortunately haven't found any ways to do that in Ubuntu yet. I know that it is possible to use VirtualBox or Wine, but still in the most of the times iTunes doesn't want to work on Wine and for VirtualBox I need to install again that Windows from which I switched into Ubuntu just a few months ago and don't want to go back to it.

What do Linux users who have iPod Touch(iPhone) do in this case?

Any suggestions to solve the problem will be pleased.

And finally,how long will it be before Apple develops iTunes for Linux OS?

Best Answer

While some older versions of iTunes can currently be made to work with Wine (or Crossover), they cannot be used to update or sync newer iPods

The reason is that Wine lacks a handler for Windows USB device drivers, and the iPod acts as a custom USB device. This is the same reason that software that requires a special key dongle also doesn't (yet) work in Wine. There are some preliminary patches available for this, and you can read more history on the Wine wiki, however don't expect anything to work.

The only iPods that currently work in Wine are really old iPods that act as simple USB mass storage devices. And even then you still need to find an older, working iTunes.

Because of this problem in Wine, to do the firmware upgrade you'll need to either setup a virtual machine with Virtualbox or VMware or, perhaps more simply, borrow someone else's computer.

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